Everyone that knows me, knows that have a great love for music. Hey it's what I do for a living. Well on today RCA music released the second album from the beautiful Marsha Ambrosious. I have to say that this is a great addition to anyone's collection and I'm gonna tell you why.


This is a great album full of song to wine and dine to and even bob your head to. We all remember Marsha as being apart of the breakout group Floetry, well she left the group and there was talk that she joined Dr. Dre and his label Aftermath Records. That didn't work out, but this time around they joined forces to cover the remake of Sade's 'Stronger Than Pride', Some of my favorite tracks are below in video form with the exception of Without You whiched featured Ne-Yo and was not available on the album You can download it as it is available on I-tunes. Friends & Lovers covers break up song, bedroom classics and even touches on abuse as well. 'Spend All My Time' features Uncle Charles Wilson and they really work this song like they belong together,  'La La La La La' takes a sample from a classic Minnie Ripperton song and Marsha kills it with her take on it. She has a song that's well not for the kids, but it's called '69' and you have to listen to it. I have seen this young lady in concert and she really gives a great performance and is deserving of this album really doing well. Take my word for it, 'Friends & Lovers' is going to be a classic for the lovers and those who want to be in love.


Marsha Ambrosious- 'Stronger':

Marsha Ambrosious- 'Run':

Marsha Ambrosious- 'Without You':

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