Marvel’s Luke Cage was one of the hottest shows of 2016 and it paid off for Netflix. According to Variety, the show helped the streaming channel reached its highest stock projections to date.

On Friday (Jan. 13), Netflix’s shares closed at an all-time high of $133.70, which is up 3.5 percent for the network. Deutsche Bank analyst Bryan Kraft said the "key drive" for Netflix's stock price steams from the subscribers and they expect it to increase as they begin to gain an international subscription base.

“Our checks...indicate broad based strength in international demand catalyzed by original content,” Kraft wrote, calling out Golden Globe-winner The Crown, Marvel’s Luke Cage, Gilmore Girls and Fuller House.

In other words, Netflix is getting major paper thanks to their original programming. And expect more in 2017.

Netflix has 16 new shows scheduled to premiere this year. Among them are Marvel's Iron Fist, which is set to debut in March, and Marvel's The Defenders, which will premiere later in 2017. In addition, The comedy Dear White People, based on the film of the same name, will air on the channel. Finally, a drama based on El Chapo is set to debut on Netflix this year.

Overall, Netflix will have a banner year in 2017. Ka-Ching!

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