Percy "Master P” Miller sat down with “The Breakfast Club" and go candida about his upcoming biopic “The King of the South,” the film is being produced by his son Romeo Miller.

Miller took a bit of offense to the way Eazy E was portrayed in the “Straight Outta Compton” biopic, in part because he knew the late rapper personally. P said that Easy was a real street guy who could go wherever he wanted to in Los Angeles. He’s not buying the story of Suge Knight beating Easy without their being repercussions.  He also discussed his dealings with many of the same people that N.W.A dealt with, from Jerry Heller, to Jimmy Iovine. P said Iovine offered him $1 Million at the beginning of his career but he chose to turn it down, because he felt he was worth more than that - boy was he ever right.

The New Orleans bred rapper and businessman also said upon his dealing with Snoop Dogg and moving to Los Angeles, that he received a call from Suge Knight just like everyone else I’m sure. Miller let the Deathrow Records founder know he’d do better talking to him in person. He also said Knight told him, “Man, L.A. ain’t big enough for all of us,” to which Miller said he responded "I just a bought house, I ain’t going nowhere. When you moving?”

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