Master P's court battle with his ex is getting ugly. The No Limit Records founder and his estranged wife, Sonya Miller, have been going back and forth in divorce court for more than two years and now, Sonya is taking shots at Master P's parenting skills in order to obtain full custody of the children. TMZ reports today (Sept. 12) that Sonya Miller is trying to accuse Master P of bad parenting in order to undermine his character.

Earlier this month, the children and Master P and Sonya penned letters to the judge residing over their divorce case asking to live with their father rather than their mother. In the new documents, Sonya claims that Master P is using their children as pawns to sway the judgement and that this decision to involve the children in the case was "selfish and not in their best interest." She also claims that Master P has earned $350 million within the last five years and has used their kids to do it.

It's no secret that the Millers are a well known show-biz family. Their son Romeo, known affectionately to the hip-hop world as Lil Romeo, entered the music industry as a child rapper, dropping his debut album before he was even 13 years old. Sonya is also in the process of suing Romeo because she claims Master P uses their son's name to hide assets. According to Sonya's motion back in October of last year, she and Master P co-founded No Limit Records together in 1990 but Romeo was named as the co-owner and co-founder of the newly created No Limit Forever, preventing Sonya from touching any money that has come in since 2010.

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