Master P drops by “The Breakfast Club” to give some sound financial advice, and to discuss his pending biopic, as well as his thoughts about Julia Beverly’s book “Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story,” Bill Cosby, his ex-wife, and much more.

The veteran music mogul also spoke about the state of the current generation stating “Drugs and syrup are killing this generation of Hip Hop.”

“Nobody really wanna work no more... Everybody getting high now,” said Miller. “The syrup is killing the whole—this generation. Sometimes you don’t have to work for the money. If you do what you gotta do and you good at it, the money gon’ come. You gotta love what you’re doing.”

P also gave some empowering advice that might help all of us a both mentally and financially in 2016. Specially, removing those “Yes people” from your life.


“If we are going to be successful, we have to educate ourselves in business and cut off negative people from our lives,” said Miller.

Find out what else Master P has planned for 2016, and more.