Master P is bringing some major heat—or rather ice old—this summer. In an exclusive interview with XXL, the No Limit Records founder reveals that he and Jeezy are working on a joint album together.

"The album is called It's Gonna Be a Cold Summer because that's how it's going to be," Master P says. "In 2019, it's going to be a cold summer."

In the past, Jeezy has cited Master P as a major influence in his rap career. On his anthemic 2016 track "Let Em Know," off Trap or Die 3, the Snowman saluted Master P for being one of the first generals of the independent movement in the 1990s ("The general, P. Miller on the tank nigga/Y'all about to make me start pullin' rank nigga"). Fast forward to 2019 and the two are now working together for the first time on a collaborative project.

"The Ice Cream Man and the Snowman," P states. "We got several songs [done]...we, like, almost there. We shot a video in New Orleans. We shot a video for I Got the Hook Up 2 soundtrack. So we got a lot of things in the works."

One song from the album that Master P is excited about is "Gone," produced by Drumma Boy. The rap mogul hopes to deliver the project by the summer. "Get your mink coats out for the South," P suggests. "We are coming with mink coats in the summer."

While working in the studio, Jeezy mentioned to Master P that he wanted to get into acting. So without hesitation, P invited him to join the cast of his new movie, I Got the Hook Up 2. According to P, this is Jeezy's first film that he's acted in.

The movie is the sequel to the 1998 comedy film of the same name. The original film stars Master P and A.J. Johnson as two street hustlers named Black and Blue, respectively, who stumble upon a truckload of cell phones by mistake. They start selling the phones and rake in thousands of dollars. But there's only one problem: the phones don't work. This leads to several unhappy customers chasing them down, including gang members and the FBI.

For the Corey Grant-directed sequel, P and Johnson return to reprise their characters along with the original cast, including comedians John Witherspoon, Sheryl Underwood and Tommy “Tiny” Lister of Friday fame. The movie also stars rappers Webbie, Kash Doll, YFN Lucci and Romeo, along with comedian-rapper Fatboy SSE and comedian DC Young Fly, among others.

According to Master P, Jeezy plays a hustler named Big Moe who sold anything in the neighborhood before it became gentrified. But now, much to the shock of Black (P's character), Big Moe is selling organic food and clothing.

"The movie is about gentrification," explains P, who recently launched his new sneaker line, MoneYatti. "Jeezy owns this truck and you would think he be selling hamburgers and stuff like that. [But] no, he's selling organic food and he has a lot of White clients so he's out of his element."

"But I like how [Jeezy] switched it up for the film," he continued. "He went into character and out of character. So big up to Jeezy for coming in and handling business for I Got the Hook Up 2."

Along with the movie there will be an accompanying soundtrack featuring various artists including the Master P-cosigned rapper King Roy. A native of Ohio, Roy appears on two songs: "Bricks" and the title track, "I Got the Hook Up." Listen to the title track below.

I Got the Hook Up 2 is expected to arrive in theaters this summer.


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