Master P caught some flak for his remarks about the parents of the alleged victims who appeared in the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. In an Instagram video, the No Limit Records founder implied that the parents didn’t do enough to help their children when Kelly allegedly abused them. Now he's stepped forth to clarify his comments.

On Wednesday (Jan. 9), Master P, along with his son Romeo Miller, appeared on the daytime talk show The Real and P elaborated on a point he made on Instagram a couple days ago. The rap vet wanted to make it specifically clear that he wasn’t blaming the victims’ parents, he was only explaining what he would do if he was ever put in that situation.

“I said me as a parent I would have kicked that door down, I’m not blaming [the parents],” he said. “Whatever justice that need to be done to R. Kelly, that need to get done. We love our beautiful black women that they went through this. We want justice for them.”

Master P also blamed social media for twisting his words and not accepting the hard truth.

"Social media has a verse and people have opinions [but] they don't want to deal with the truth," he said. "I'm putting in God's hands, I'm praying for [those] women whatever justice that needs to to be served the system need to do that."

P's original comments saw him speculate as to how he would've handled things if his children were in the situation the women in Surviving R. Kelly described.


“Ain't nobody gonna play with my kids," Master P said in the video that started this bit of controversy. "Straight up. You shouldn't have even been on TV, and if you a parent, you shouldn't be on that unless you on CNN from a jail cell. I don't know if R. Kelly did it or not, that ain't any of my business, I ain't judging, but I'm just saying those parents shouldn't have let that go that far. If you got love for your kids, you are going to war behind your kids. You ain't doing no reality show."


Master P is referring to the Clarys' situation in episode 6 of Surviving R. Kelly. The parents were outside of R. Kelly's Chicago studio banging on the door and throwing rocks at the window in an attempt to see their daughter, Azriel, who has been living with the singer. We must mentioned that the Clarys haven't seen their daughter in three years and they claimed that R. Kelly is allegedly prohibiting them from seeing her.

You can watch Master P's full comments below.

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