MC Lyte is a pioneer for women in hip-hop and by far my favorite rapper of all time.  Far more than Hip-Hop's most prolific female lyricists to ever bless the mic, MC Lyte is also a world re-noun Radio and club/event DJ, actor, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. 


She proved without a doubt that a female can rock a mic as hard as a man and she never took her clothes off to do it.   Lyte is also quite the humanitarian and is the CEO/Founder of the "Hip Hop Sisters Foundation" (HHSF).  Of the charity Lyte said, "For years I've dreamed of having the ability to help our community and now finally the day has arrived.  HHSF is about changing lives and truly encouraging several generations that have been and are influenced by hip-hop culture.  It is my life's mission to see those who believe, actually see their dreams come to fruition.  Helping the younger generation see their strengths and potential is what my goals are for this foundation."


It was this notion that encouraged her to come up with a full-tuition scholarship to help students realize their dreams.  MC Lyte and her charity "Hip Hop Sisters Foundation" recently announced a new $100,000 Hip-Hop scholarship that will be offered to one student to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Lyte said, "This scholarship partnership with UW-Madison is just the beginning for what HHSF has in store."  She's got a lot of help too.  Serving on her advisory board are the likes of Russell Simmons, Melanie Fiona and Salt, University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Damon A. Williams, and HHSF President Lynn Richardson.


The scholarship will allow one lucky recipient to receive an all-expense paid trip to college, with the goal of earning a Bachelor’s degree from UW-Madison.  Combining the top young artists in the nation in the world's first and only full-tuition scholarship program for spoken word and hip-hop artists.  Russell Simmons said, “This partnership signals an opportunity to help young people influenced by hip hop culture think of education as an achievable goal rather than a phantom wish reserved only for the lucky.”

The UW-Madison First Wave/MC Lyte scholarship announcement builds on the empowerment work of the Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, which has already has already launched a national relationship with Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. to decrease the negative effects of teen pregnancy, and is planning the first ever Hip Hop Sisters Expressions of Life Summer Education Institute for Girls, where celebrity advisory board members and educational, health, and financial experts will empower over 250 young women as they enter young adulthood.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is October 1.  The winner will be announced at this year’s Soul Train Music Awards.  To apply click here.

Here's some of my favorite MC Lyte joints:

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