McNeese University will soon have its own Student Health Services Services and Counseling Center! In addition, the facility was also house an urgent care staffed by CHRISTUS Ochsner Health. The Cowboys did a property swap with the old Jeff Davis Bank on the corner of Sale and Ryan to make the wellness center a reality. The bank was heavily damaged after Hurricane Laura and has been closed ever since.

If you are ever in the area, the former JD branch is slowly making the transformation. The university shared the great news on its Facebook and even uploaded a picture of what the center will look like once the construction is over.

Bruce W. Elder, JD Bank President, and CEO told the local news they were happy to provide the property to MSU. Elder said, “After the destruction of our McNeese Branch in August 2020, we made a commitment to our customers and the Lake Charles community to help revitalize the university area that was hit hard by hurricane devastation.” He continued. “Our efforts, combined with some exciting redevelopment by McNeese State University, will create a vibrant environment at the Ryan Street and W. Sale Road intersection.”

The new facility will be part of the MSU campus, which is a win-win because it is going to serve MSU students and faculty, and be easy to access to receive care quickly. Speaking of which, currently enrolled students can be treated at the Student Health Services. Healthcare being provided will include everything from minor cuts and sprains to ear infections and UTIs and testing services for STDs.

Whether students are covered by their parent's insurance or not, the Student Health Services is going to be funded through a $40 semester fee that all students pay. This will in turn cover the appointment costs and whatever treatment needs to be administered.

Thanks to a partnership with CHRISTUS Ochsner Health the new health center will help McNeese nursing students get their required preceptor hours. Dr. Wade Rousse, McNeese Vice President for University Advancement said of the new facility “It’s going to be a lot more convenient and we think provide a lot better care for our McNeese family.

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