Meek Mill is finally one step closer to freedom after the Philadelphia District Attorney agreed the rapper should be given a new hearing. On Monday (April 16), Meek's lawyer announced the rapper was granted a new hearing by Judge Genece Brinkely to discuss the possibility of another trial.

"I just wanted everybody to know, that about 10 minutes ago, the District Attorney of Philadelphia agreed to a new trial for Meek," the rapper's lawyer told a crowd, which erupted into applause.

According to an April 16 report from The Inquirer, the District Attorney's Office said in court on Monday that due to questions of credibility about the officer who arrested Meek, the rapper's conviction on drug and gun charges should be vacated. The admission, made by Assistant District Attorney Liam Riley during a status hearing, marks the first time prosecutors have agreed with Meek's legal time on record about his questionable arrest.

But Meek isn't a free man yet. Judge Genece Brinkely, who sentenced Meek to a two-to-four-year sentence in November of 2017, will have to agree to vacate the conviction, which she did not do today. She has agreed to give Meek another hearing, which has been scheduled for June.

Now, the Wins & Losses rapper's team says they will be filing motions with higher courts on Monday to have Meek released immediately. Lawyer Brian McMonagle said the team was "elated" by the District Attorney's Office's decision and added that it would be a "reprehensible crime" if Brinkley does not sign off on it.

Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina thinks it's egregious that the rapper is still in jail. "We are thrilled that the District Attorney’s office has consented to the PCRA relief which we requested on Meek’s behalf," Tacopina stated. "As a result, the D.A. agrees that his conviction should be overturned. The D.A. also stated in open court that the prior D.A. was aware that Officer Graham was untrustworthy as far back as 2005, which was never disclosed to Meek’s defense team. In light of these significant developments, we are stunned that Judge Brinkley continues to adhere to her view that Meek is not entitled to immediate release on bail. We will apply for emergency relief with the Supreme Court immediately, and are sure that this travesty of justice will be rectified soon.”

While Meek did not attend the latest hearing, the rapper recently spoke with Lester Holt of NBC and revealed his plans for the future. "I think God delivered me a job to help people, helping minorities that come from these situations like myself," he said.

Check out Meek Mill's lawyer revealing the news of the new hearing below.

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