Meek Mill is having an interesting 2017, so far. First, Nicki Minaj announces their breakup. Second, he takes a fall down the icy steps of his mothers home, and it’s caught on surveillance video.

Like the much publicized fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, the Philly rapper now claims he would fight Drake for $5 Million, and he has a job for his ex, Nicki Minaj.

“Now I’d break Drizzy the f*** off for 5 mill. Of course I would! And we gonna let Nicki be the ring girl,” said Meek.

The rapper was having a discussion with his online followers while in the gym working out with a friend. The two struck up a discussion about if the other man could defeat Soulja Boy in a fight, to which he says “I’ll f*** Soulja Boy up.”

This is all turing into one big **** show.... This can’t be what Urban music has come to, can it? Let us pray.

I don’t think is in a position to get another diss record made about him. He certainly doesn’t need Nicki Minaj dropping a diss record. Could you imagine Drake firing another diss track at him, featuring Nicki Minaj? Pure ether.

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