Meek Mill and his team may have caught a major win by earning his release from prison last month, but they are still fighting for justice within his case. While his legal team has continuously been denied their requests for Judge Genece Brinkley to be removed from the Philadelphia rapper's case, they may have a new argument to aid their next request.

Meek's latest attempt to get a new judge was denied according to a May 30 TMZ report, but his team also presented in court a civil suit previously filed by Brinkley in which she claims she potentially suffered from severe brain trauma following a 2016 car accident.

XXL independently obtained a copy of the civil suit which details the incident that took place in St. Maarten involving Judge Brinkley while she was on vacation. The documents claim that the crash took place on April 26, 2016 while the judge was driving on a two-lane bridge. According to the suit, a car crossed over into her lane, coming towards her vehicle head-on. She claims to have slowed down her car and come to a stop to avoid a collision, but was then "violently" struck from behind by another vehicle.

In the suit, Judge Brinkley claims that she suffered "severe injuries in and about the head, body" which may be "serious, severe and permanent."

"In particular, plaintiff sustained severe head trauma, concussion, dizziness, headaches, holes and tears in retina of both eyes, trauma to both hands, neck pain, lumbar spine strain and sprain, knee sprain and pain, and other orthopedic and neurological injuries," the suit states. "The full extent of which has not yet been fully determined; she suffered severe injuries to her nerves and nervous system with resulting emotional distress." The suit added that she may continue to be rendered disabled in the future and incapable of performing her job from these injuries and be "deprived of life's pleasures."

Brinkley sued both drivers allegedly involved in the accident for negligence and also mentions that her injuries has effected her earnings and ability to sustain her income. The documents claim she "may continue to suffer a severe loss of earnings, an impairment of earning capacity or power and other expenses in excess of all statutory limitations." It's not clear what the resolution of the lawsuit was or if it has been resolved at all.

Now it appears that lawyers for the Wins & Losses may use the suit to argue that Brinkley may have suffered potentially permanent injuries that could have impacted her work following the accident. Meek and his lawyers have long argued that Brinkley holds a personal vendetta against the rapper and treated him unjustly.

Last month, Meek was released from prison after being found guilty of violating his probation in court today and sentenced to two to four years back in November 2017. Brinkley cited a failed drug test, his violation of travel restrictions and two other arrests as infractions upon his probation at the time.

We will keep you updated on Meek Mill's case as more details arise.

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