We already got the tissues out for the Ben Terry Service Animal Story, now we might as well keep them out as we watch this video from Steve of Blue's Clues. The kid's series is celebrating its 25th year on Nick Jr. and has brought back the older hosts to help celebrate it. The one that seems to hit most of us where we live in the message from the first host of Blue's Clues, Steve.

Now I was a touch old when it came to the original episodes airing back in 1996. I was the smart age of 13 as a matter of fact. However, that did not stop me from watching the show in its entirety for some reason. I did have some younger cousins around me that wanted to watch it, so I will blame them. I think what grabbed me the most about the show was just how engaging Steve truly was. It honestly felt like he was talking directly to me even at the age of 13.

I remember the talks of Steve leaving the show in 2002, and just assumed that it would be the end of the show in perpetuity. Instead, we got a small speech from Steve that he was going on to college and we would have a new best friend, Steve's brother Joe. I remember thinking to myself that no one is going to replace Steve! He closed his speech about leaving with a line many of us will never forget. Cue the tears!

After all these years. I never forgot you. Ever.

Now, Steve has come back for the anniversary and has made an all-new video to talk to us about his leaving. He is in the shirt we all know and love, the music is in the background, and the iconic set is on the bluescreen behind him as he begins to talk. Steve goes over how he knows he just abruptly left us all without much of an explanation. Steve ends his speech with a thank you and even adds in his trademark sign language sign for thank you. Now, who needs the box of Kleenex.

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