I’m a fiend for reboots.

Good thing too, as Variety reports that NBC is developing a reboot of their iconic ’80s cop series Miami Vice. The original Vice, created by Anthony Yerkovich, ran for five seasons on NBC and made stars of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as Crockett and Tubbs. The show’s style, particularly its unusual fashion choices, were heavily influential both in their day and beyond, which I can attest to, as I am currently sitting here writing up this article while wearing a white suit with a pastel pink T-shirt, loafers, and no socks.

The plot gets even thicker when I tell you that none other than Fast & Furious Grand Poobah Vin Diesel is involved in this reboot, through his production company, One Race Television, along with Chris Morgan, who’s written every Fast & Furious movie since Tokyo Drift:

Peter Macmanus will write the script, based on the original series. While executive producers haven’t been set, it’s more than likely Macmanus, Morgan, and Diesel will all serve as EPs, along with more staffers from One Race TV.

The last attempt to restart Vice was not a success, at least commercially; director Michael Mann made a gritty film version of the show that bore very little resemblance to the show in 2006, and even with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx as Crockett and Tubbs, it earned just $163 million worldwide against a reported budget of $135 million. The show’s style made it a somewhat uncomfortable fit in the modern zeitgeist, but Diesel’s a guy who seems to understand that zeitgeist better than most. So perhaps if anyone can bring Miami Vice into 2017, it’d be Mr. Diesel.

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