According to the New York Post, CEO Randy Phillips of concert promotion agency, AEG Live, said his longtime friend Brenda Richie (Ex-Wife of singer Lionel Richie), claims to have talked to a medium who channeled the spirit of the King of Pop after his death in 2009.

Say what?! What you talkin' bout Phillips?!

Jurors at the civil trial over MJ's untimely death, heard testimony from a surprise witness yesterday, none other than the ghost of Michael Jackson.

According to Phillips, Michael's ghost allegedly cleared Dr. Conrad Murray of any guilt in his death and admitted he “accidentally killed himself.”

Phillips went on to tell jurors,

“Brenda called me to tell me that she was in communications with Michael either through a medium or directly,”

“She said Michael told her that it wasn’t Dr. Murray’s fault, that he had accidentally killed himself.”

Brian Panish, lawyer for Michael Jackson’s family, objected to Phillips’ ghost story, calling it "triple hearsay," since Phillips was relaying a chat from Richie, who had heard from a medium, who "allegedly," spoke to the ghost of Michael Jackson.

LA County Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos allowed Phillips’ explanation to stand, even over the laughter of people in the courtroom.


You have to be kidding me right? I try my best not to judge, but it's looking like a bit of a 3 ring circus in that courtroom. May the King of Pop Michael Jackson rest in peace, and I pray that his kids can have peace in their lives as well.


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