I have been a big fan of the show The Wire, but one of the characters Omar really stood out and was played by Michael K. Williams. The show was one of the biggest and highest rated shows on HBO from back in the day.

The thing that really stood out about Omar was that the guy was cold and really held it down. He was not only the guy who you wanted in your corner, but he would also take you out if he needed to. This is one of the most in-depth interviews that I have ever seen, and you really get the chance to find out about his character and his personal life, as well.

Michael K. Williams Talks With The Breakfast Club:

By far one of the best interviews that I have ever seen, and it really makes me want to check out more shows and movies that he has been a part of. If you have never watched "The Wire" or "Boardwalk Empire", you need to check it out and see him in action.

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