Donald Glover's new FX series Atlanta is set to premiere this coming Tuesday Sept. 6, and not much is known of the show other than that it follows an aspiring rapper in the titular city. Above though comes an extended promo that doesn't necessarily explain the show's subjects and styles but rather gives the viewer a better expectation of what's to come.

The entire clip is shown in split screen, the camera often times resting on Glover's face as he lies pensively either with himself or others. At one point though, while Glover's Earnest and his friends are in the woods when they encounter a fairly recognizable rap group. "Ayo, what you call y'all group?" someone asks them. "We the Migos," Quavo says, gesturing. The whole video is full of non-connecting clips and pieces that take Glover from strip clubs to 24 hour diners. The style of the show looks to immersive and patient, shots lingering, the ring of a cell phone clearer than some dialogue.

Glover said in a New York Magazine profile that, “The No. 1 thing we kept coming back to is that it needs to be funny first and foremost. I never wanted this shit to be important. I never wanted this show to be about diversity; all that shit is wack to me."

Glover as well has a concert experience planned for fans this coming weekend in which he will perform new material at Joshua Tree, Calif. He recently described the event to Jimmy Fallon as, "simply camping, it’s just chilling out. It’s a way for people to hear the album but also experience the world that it’s in.”

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