When you think about music that is timeless, there are not many artists who come to mind. On top of that, there are not very many groups at all who are capable of bringing classic hit after hit. Well, The Commodores are one of those legendary groups who have withstood the test of time, even while losing their lead singer, Lionel Richie.

The Commodores are one of those groups who released music that you know right off the top of your mind. If someone were to ask you to name a Commodores song, it comes off naturally. One of my favorites is "Three Times A Lady" and, of course, "Easy". One that really took them to another level was Night Shift, which talked about the greats who have passed, including Marvin Gaye.

Well, for those who want to go down memory lane road, The Commodores will be live in concert this Friday night at the Golden Nugget. The show is sure to sell out, but Gina Cook is lacing you up with a chance to win tickets to go to the show.

Let me take you down memory lane just a little bit with some classic songs from back in the day. The Commodores were - and still are - legends who I still don't feel like got their just due for their contributions to the music scene.

The Commodores- "Nightshift":


The Commodores- "Lady":


The Commodores- "Brick House":

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