Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson and his cohost, retired NFL player and cannabis advocate Eben Britton, smoke a lot of weed. According to Britton, it's ten tons. If you believe them, Britton says it's about ten tons each month, which is probably an overshot, yet still, a clear indication that they smoke a tremendous amount of marijuana.

In an excerpt from his podcast, Hotboxin with Mike Tyson, the famed boxer says they smoke $40,000 worth of marijuana each month at his ranch. On the flip side, his cannabis company, Tyson Ranch, supplies $500,000 worth of marijuana to dispensaries, so he can afford to binge.

Rapper Jim Jones was a guest on the episode and seemed dumbfounded by how much Mike smokes and replied "That's a lot of weed. That's nonstop, every second weed right there". 

Tyson Ranch, based in California, sells nine strains of cannabis flower, potent extracts, and edibles are coming soon. A luxury resort is also in the works that will feature an edible factory, amphitheater, and glamping campgrounds said CNN.

[Source: CNN]

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