According to AllHipHop, Rapper The Game had reportedly called NBA superstar Kevin Durant a 'sore loser' for not coming through on a bet. Now according to the Game, it was simply 'miscommunication.' Find out more with 'Tha Wire.'

Earlier this week Kevin Durant said Game was lying about them making a $20,000 bet, and he was then blasted via Instagram for not committing to donate to the Games AAU basketball program. - AHH

Game told TMZ Sports that he talked with Durant, and the issues may have been due to some confusion.

“He was just talking about we didn’t bet $20,000 cash. I never said we bet $20,000 cash. I just did the numbers. A hundred or more kids, the shoes cost a $150 plus the gear – you do the math it ends up at about $20K,” explained Game. “He’s a professional athlete, so I guess the rules are they’re not to gamble on basketball which is very understandable.” — The Game

Get more details in the video below via TMZ Sports.

Stevie J
David Livingston/Getty Images

On yesterday we told you that music producer and realty TV star Stevie J was arrested for owing $1 million in back child support to his former girlfriend Carol Bennet who’s the mother of two of his children. Well Stevie J. was releases from jail on a $25,000 bond, and according to his lawyer, and I quote, “his client does not owe Bennett “anything close” to $1 million."

According to AHH, Stevie J reportedly makes around $193,000 for appearing on LHHATL and brings in more income from music royalties for the many artist's he's produced for including Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, and many more.

According to Stevie J, “It feels great. I’m home with my wife… I’m just ready to get this behind me.”

If convicted the reality TV star could be facing up to two years in jail…


According to AllHipHop, Comedian Dave Chappelle has sporadically been back to performing over the course of the last year and everyone knows Dave loves hip-hop, and it’s always been apart of his brand since his Comedy Central Chappelle’s Show and his 2005 documentary Block Party.

Since Chappelle is back at it, he’s enlisted Hip Hop legend Nas. Nas is scheduled to perform at Chappelle’s final Radio City Music Hall show in New York, accompanied by a full orchestra.

Dave Chappelle and Nas’ Radio City Music Hall show will take place on June 23rd.