When it comes to bringing the fun to hip hop. Missy Elliot is the queen of bringing excitement to a genre of music that was dominated by the males for so long. Then when you want to talk about music videos, she takes it to another level. She dropped a song about a month ago called "WTF" that was produced by a fellow Virginian Pharell Williams and the single has been moving up the charts since it came out.

We all know that Pharell is also a judge on The Voice which is known for pulling out some of the best unknown talent to hit the scene. We knew it was only a matter of time before she graced the stage to perform the new single. Here is the video of the two live on stage doing their thing and performing the latest single.


Missy Elliot performs WTF along with Pharell Williams on The Voice:

While the single is currently moving up the charts, it's only a matter of time before the album will be available in the near future. Missy is a trendsetter and alot of folks may not want to give her props as she doesn't fit the stereotype of Nicki Minaj although she is in a lane by herself, but is still working it.


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