Missy Elliot is the truth when it comes to music. She had and still has a hand on the pulse of the game when it comes to being innovative with producing and writing for artist.

It's been almost 14 years since she has released new music and the fans have been eagerly anticipating what she would sound like in the music that is released today. I am happy to say that she has returned and the music has not changed one bit. She released a surprise EP on last night that included four new songs and one acapella and from the beginning to the end. The new album is called "Iconology" and the only feature that I am aware of is of a new artist by the name of Sum1.

Check out the new video for the single "Throwback" where she shows that she still has it and gives a reason who there will never be another Missy Elliot even though there have been some clones along the way.

Missy Elliot- "Throw It Back": 


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