Proposals have been going back and forth in the MLB with an opening date of July 4 of 2020. That was before all parties drug their feet past the deadline of June 1. Now, another proposal has been thrown down to the players. According to Karl Ravech, @karlravechespn, players will receive a prorated salary of 75%, no compensation for signing a player, and the season would wrap up in September. That puts post season in October.

The July 4 opening date for baseball sounded real nice to everyone, but it is still believed to be impossible with so much talk still happening. Even if an agreement is reached by all parties, players would have to get back to training, prep ballparks for opening and social distancing, and make sure players from other countries made it in safely.

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If neither side can come to an agreement, the MLB itself can create its own schedule of any length it wants. That idea, so far, is a 48-game season.

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