Monica and Shannon Brown's marriage has become fodder for gossip blogs several years now. After denying reports that her marriage is in shambles, the R&B singer has revealed that a stalker is behind the cheating allegations.

On Wednesday, Monica went on her Instagram account to explain to her followers that a mischievous woman is stalking her family and is spreading lies about her husband cheating on her and fathering a two-year-old child from his infidelity.

"The last several years stories were sold & told without any truth whatsoever, our aging grandmother was called and told my brother n law was in a wreck & near death, my families lines stalked, & so on," she writes in the caption featuring her husband and unidentified baby. "But honestly I've never discussed it because I feel as entertainers we are fair game to a cruel world and new age media but I want to apologize to the family of this beautiful baby that someone used in a deceitful sick game to hurt my family."

"Although we had nothing to do with it I'm truly sorry your daughter was used this way," she continues. "My love for children runs DEEP & I feel they're off limits, but this sick world clearly doesn't feel the same.. To her mother and father we are SO sorry."

A gossip blog called Industry on Blast further confirmed Monica's statement and retracted their story about the alleged "other woman" claiming to be the mother of Shannon's two-year-old child from the purported affair.

However, Monica feels that in the age of social media, most people will only believe the lie because it's more interesting than the truth.

"It won't change the perception nor will it reach the many television & media outlets that picked [the story] up," she writes. "This has gone on for years I will leave the rest to the Federal Bureau [of Investigation]."

This is such an unfortunate incident for Monica and Shannon Brown. We hope the couple will get a resolution in this case and live in peace.

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