If Monica could thank each and every one of her fans individually she'd give thanks to her day ones for being "down with me."

While she was on a hiatus for three years, Monica said it was her fans who were always "rooting me on" and "sending positive messages," before she dropped her latest album, Code Red.

"They're attentive to things that are important to me outside of the music," said the R&B mom.

And as the Sly and The Family Stone song goes, most importantly she's thankful for her fans for allowing her to be herself.

"Thank you for always being there, allowing me to just be me and not have to put on any other facades to bring music to them or to present myself to them," she said. And for that she's having a "great journey" as she continues to flourish.

Monica has been taking over The BoomBox all week. As Christmas approaches, the "For You I Will" singer has been gifting viewers with nuggets of insight and behind-the-scenes information on her latest album, Code Red.

Check out the latest video above as Monica relays her thank you to her dedicated fans.

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