So I came in to work today and walked by all of the studios to talk with the staff and went inside the control room with Gina Cook and coming at me was this excited small creature. It was a Penguin and his name was San Juan. Obviously surprised I took the moment to see if I could get him to hang out with me.

Moody Gardens came in today to talk about a lot of the attractions and things going on over there in Galveston. But to actually have a penguin hanging out at our studios was something I never expected to happen. San Juan was too excited as he was walking around the studios and didn't want to be held by anyone. However our DME Kristian was lucky enough to spend a little time with him. Of course I was curious as to how long he would be able to hang out and was quickly informed that he was a tropical penguin and able to really move around in primarily 70 degree weather and not the stereotypical colder temperatures and his peers.

If you get the chance stop by Moody Gardens as this is a great place to visit with the family and friends and I can pretty much guarantee that you'll find something for everyone to be apart of. Thanks to Jeri and the crew for coming down and allowing me to have my first experience of being in such close proximity of a real penguin. Make this a trip for the family and check them out this spring.


San Juan The Penguin

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