While the word is that the Oscar took a major decline as far as viewership around the world. While I did tune and to see how Chris Rock handled things and I have to give him props as I feel like he represented and touched on alot of things. One of the highlights of the show was when he brought out the girl scouts to sell some cookies to the folks in the audience. What was funny is the fact that it was suppose to be a friendly competition between him and another mother who sold the most cookies on last year.

Well wouldn't you know the cookies were apparently so good that towards the end, Chris came out with a box of the great Girl Scout Cookies and one of the most respected actors in the game came out on stage to get his hands on a cookie or two. That person was Morgan Freeman and we have him caught red handed.


Morgan Freeman Grabs Cookies from Chris Rock:

One thing not alot of people can't neglect is the fact that those Girl Scout cookie are the bomb and I am a fan of those Trefoils and could eat an entire box if I had to. Shouts out to all of the young ladies moving those cookies. Although from the end of the show tally from Chris Rock, I don't think his daughters troop will have to sell anymore cookies in the next year.

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