According to rap icon/actor, Mos Def (aka Yasiin Bey), has been given a few days to get out of South Africa.  Apparently the rap legend doesn't or never did have the proper identification to live in the country, so their basically saying he's overstayed his welcome.  The Brooklyn born MC, who's real name is Dante Smith, was recently arrested at the Cape Town International Airport and charged with being in the country with a “fraudulent passport,” according to AllHipHop.

Mayihlome Tshwete, a spokesperson for South Africa’s Ministry of Home Affairs, clarified the situation on Twitter believe it or not, and tweeted the rapper/actor and his family have 14 days to leave the country.  Below is a look at the tweets on the matter:

Mayi @MTshwete
With regards 2 Mr Smith (Mos Def), SAPS has charged him with usage of fraudulent travel documents.The matter is currently before the courts
6:17 AM - 15 Jan 2016

Mr Smith has been living in SA with his family without the necessary permits, he was detained upon departure for using illegal travel docs

Mr Smith was departing SA using a "World Passport", SA does not recognise a "World Passport".

The Department Of Home Affairs has given Mr Smith and his family 14 days to leave the republic .

Pretty crazy right?  In case you didn't know Mos has been living in Cape Town since 2014.  Just last year, he sat down for an interview with Beats Radio to explain why. Peep the video below and hear in his own words, what he told Beats By Dre:

Now it appears, Bey is gonna be headed back to Brooklyn if the paper situation isn't cleared up.  Keep you posted on this one.

photo by Tim P. Whiby via Getty Images
Kendrick Lamar- photo by Tim P. Whiby via Getty Images

Going from one extreme to another, the last few months have been phenomenal for Kendrick Lamar.  From meeting and joining President Obama's mentoring initiative to earning 11 Grammy nominations, to having the hottest album of 2015, the brotha is on fire.

It keeps getting better, as AllHipHop reports the Compton MC is getting the "Key" to his hometown.  Compton Mayor Aja Brown recently made the big announcement on Twitter.

.@kendricklamar you inspire millions + rep w/ honor! Excited to give you the Feb13th!

According to Mayor Brown, she and the city want to show their adoration for K-Dot and recognize him for his history making artistry and achievements.  What better way to do that, than hook the "Good Kid," up with a key to city?

Congrats to Kendrick Lamar!  The mayor say the big day is going down next month on February 13.  For more on entertainment news, LISTEN LIVE to Tha Wire on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz every weekday at 12:50 p.m. and again at 3:35 p.m.

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