This just in: lions and kids go together about as well as Clinton and Trump.

Watch this alarmingly frightening footage of a lion go after a child during an appearance on some foreign news show.

The lion pulls the little girl by the legs and tries to bite her knee, thigh and foot while its handlers casually pull it back. The toddler is understandably traumatized, while her mother appears remarkably calm, like someone who lost their wallet only to find it a few minutes later.

Lady, your daughter almost become lion chow on live TV. You've gotta show some more emotion and look like you're mortified at the thought your kid is part of a lion's balanced diet.

Her (lack of) reaction is almost as shocking as the fact producers thought it'd be okay to have a lion and a child appear on the same segment. Maybe they could've brought in a butcher to discuss the proper ways to cut meat, too. Nice job by the station's booker.

People go nuts when a lion is shot, but let this video serve as a reminder that, yeah, these creatures can be fierce, too.

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