There is something about that speed that really gets the adrenaline pumping and going. Your blood starts to boil and you can't help but to get excited. Imagine being on a motorcycle and going well over 100 MPH and almost losing control. What would you do?

When I saw the below video, I couldn't help but see what the outcome was going to be. The guy who was on the bike, did more than just hold on. He rode this bike to the finish line and didn't lose his step at all. Check out the action below of this modern day daredevil.

Best Save in history !!! Finishing the race on his knees !!! WHAAAT !!??

Posted by Renaud Margry on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Major kudos to this guy, but you have to wonder if the knees were properly protected and whether or not he was off of his feet for a few days after this one. As the legendary wrestling duo The Road Warriors back in the day used to say what a rush.

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