I was enjoying my time off yesterday and my son asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him and his girlfriend. While I hate being a third wheel, I couldn't pass up the chance to hangout a bit. You can tell when your kids actually watch your every move and of course he knows that I love music.

While we were getting our grub on and he told me about this new music app. The app is called Song Pop 2 and for any music lover regardless of the genre, you will love it. I played about 5 times and only got one wrong, but any person who has a little time on their hands and wants to challenge their mind. I think that you will enjoy it. It plays a few seconds of the song, gives you some choices and you have to select the right one. Check out the trailer below of the game that will have you locked to your phone for hours.

Song Pop 2 Trailer:

I am telling you once you get on this app. You will be hooked. This is a perfect little past time especially for long waits in the DMV line or plane rides.

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