It's obvious by my profession, I love music.  I like a huge variety at that.  As with many people, I have a bunch of favorite songs and artist.  However, I also a "super favorite" artist list and I'd like to share them with you. The following artists are my favorites for a variety of reasons.  Some have a super crazy delivery in their rhymes.  Some have a super ear, in that they've created some of the best dance music of all time.  Some even still, have a super special voice.  While others are super deep and wow me by the thought process in which they wrote the lyrics to their songs.

That's why these seven artists are on my "super favorite" list, of my favorite music artists of all-time.

  • 1

    Lauren Hill

    I love Lauren Hill.  She has soooo much to say and her lyrics are always very meaningful.  This is truly one of my favorite songs as well.  As I can relate with her in the appreciation in God,  great love and joy have in my children.

  • 2

    Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson is the greatest.  He made some of the best music the world has ever heard.  He had the best moves the world has ever seen.  And he the best music videos the world has ever watched.

  • 3

    Whitney Houston

    Whitney Houston was a triple threat.  She was a model, an actor and one of the greatest vocalist of all time.  Her  voice was angelic and there isn't anyone on earth that can duplicate her tone.  I will always love her.  She was a special human being and I'm so glad we can celebrate her life with the beautiful music she left behind.  She was also, a wonderful actor.  This is one of my favorite movies and songs.

  • 4

    Tupac Shakur

    Wow.  All I can say is, he was gone way to soon.  Tupac was a lot deeper than those who didn't know his music think.  For that mater was a deep person and a very strong feelings about poverty, injustice and the state of our world as a whole.  At the end of his life, he was really beginning to evolve into a civil rights leader of sorts.  Pac was very different from the most rappers.  He was playful and street wise.  However, he was also education, cultured, poetic and concerned about the welfare of the poor.  Like Whitney, he too was just scratching the surface when it came to his gift of acting as well.

  • 5

    The Notorious B.I.G.

    Biggie was ahead of his time.  He wasn't cute like Pac.  He wasn't fine like LL Cool J, but he had a killer swagger.  Lazy eye and all, The Notorious B.I.G. was something special to Hip Hop.  His flow and lyric delivery is one of a kind.  When you heard his music or voice, there was no mistaking who it was.  Like Pac, he was growing and maturing when he was taken from us.  Biggie was a lover not a fighter and all he wanted to do was make music.  Thankfully, he left enough for us to enjoy behind.  He is was one of my "super favorites."

  • 6


    I love her.  She's such a happy person.  You can tell that she enjoys life and loves what she does.  I like how she handles the pressure of the world and yet still manages to stay normal.  Beyonce is a super talent.  Her voice is flawless and her performances prove that she puts in hours upon hours of work to perfect them for the world.  She's a gifted singer, dancer and actress and love her music.  Most of all, no one puts on a show like this one!

  • 7

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown is more gifted than I think even he realizes.  He is one of my "super favorites" because he sings songs that make me want to listen.  I like all his music, even the Pop songs.  He's another super talented actor, dancer, singer.  The fact that he's cutie doesn't hurt either.  I would however, like to see him make better life choices.  However, I am not his judge.  That's God's job.  Musically though, I love him and adore him.  Plus, he's got good taste in music artists.  Michael Jackson, is also his favorite!

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