When it comes to Hip Hop, it sometimes gets a bad rep. While I am a firm believer that nothing can make you do anything, the genre of music has gotten the blame for everything from tumultuous relationships, gang affiliations, and much more.

That is why I could not wait to get this video out for all of my followers. Sess 4-5 is an artist from New Orleans I have known for well over ten years now. One thing about him is his consistency and loyalty over the years. He is also an astute businessman and is the bridge between a lot of New Orleans Hip Hop artists and the world. He dropped a video last week that I couldn't stop watching.

The video is for his single, Family Man. The reason why this truly sticks out to me is because he is showing his family and how much love he has for them. I guarantee you that watching this video will place a smile on your face. This is what the world needs to see more of, and I believe that Sess is gonna show up and show out with this one.

Check out the video below featuring Sess and his real-life family.

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