I don't care who knows it, I LOVE ME SOME TONY TERRY!  He along with Calvin Richardson, Terrell Philips from Blackstreet, Keith Wonder Boy Johnson and more came to Lake Charles last night and turned it out in the hit stage play "Behind The Pulpit".  If you missed the interview, here it is.

Cool stuff, right?  Here's a scene from the play.  Check it out.



Well, sadly as Tony mentioned David Payton passed away last year.  I was totally surprised by the heartbreaking news.  Like Tony said, David the late Patton brought us a ton of memorable plays like: A Good Man Is Hard To Find, Stand By Me,The Real Meaning of Christmas, Child Support, Ain't No Woman Like the One I Got, When a Woman's Fed Up, Tired of Being Alone, Train Up a Child, Let's Straighten It Out, Better Put that Woman First, They Said I Wouldn't Make It, Stand By Me and presently Behind The Pulpit.

He will be missed.  Our heartfelt condolences go to his family and friends.

On a brighter note, Tony said that he is working on a new project and his fans can get up to the minute news by joining him on Twitter at mrtonyterry or on Facebook at therealtonyterry.  However, just in case you forgot what my boy is working with, here's some of my favorites.  Enjoy!