I have let things kind of simmer down as much as possible. However, I have to admit that I am a little bothered by the down pour of lack of respect that I am seeing for Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka have had to endure because of them taking care of their mental health. Sure these young ladies and many more who are athletes are pursuing something that they are good at. This does not necessarily prepare them the mental strain of fans, reporters, pressure of performing and continuous criticism from the public.

Naomi was feeling pressure from the press. While I am in the media and have conducted several interviews. I am a firm believer of boundaries. I am not trying to touch on sore subjects and creating a click bait opportunity by trying to upset the person I am interviewing. While Simone just didn't feel right, and that can be fully understood as well. I can only imagine the amount of pressure and stress that one has to endure. While there are several others on the team, for some reason if you don't have a good score or performance. Somehow, you'll be the one to blame for not winning.

Tennis - Olympics: Day 4
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There is word that Simone is returning and while this is good news is she is truly sure and ready. However, in my honest opinion, I feel like the damage has been done. There is nothing worse than being called a quitter. Especially when you have won many awards over the years and truly have nothing to prove. I am a proponent for doing what is right for you. I know of several people who have walked away ideal jobs in many of our eyes to save their sanity.

I was talking to my wife and mentioned that one day I would love to have a Mental Health Day for everyone. Obviously, we don't want this to be an excuse for people to use as a means to go out the night before and call in for work. But what about those crunch times and moments when you just need a little alone time or a reset moment.

Kudos to these ladies and anyone else who just simply wants to have a moment of solitude and rest. Even thought these celebrities are in the public eye. It doesn't mean that they should be constantly scrutinized and heckled because of bad decisions or doing what they feel is best for them. I would also recommend talking to a professional and have a little dialogue to help get to a better place in your life.


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