Supermodel Naomi Campbell was mugged in November on a Paris street while trying to get into her car.

Naomi Campbell-Getty Images

According to reports, the 42-year old supermodel was attacked by two bikers November 21st right in front of her friend, designer Azzedine Alaia's home.  Naomi was  knocked down during the attack and later had to get some medical attention.

Though she refused emergency care, she later found out she had suffered a torn ligament in the tussle. She's in very good hands though, her billionaire boyfriend of five years,Vladimir Doronin, made sure she got the best care.  As a matter fact, he had his boo flown out to Vail Colorado for treatment by an orthopedic specialist.

As far as the attack, the two men were reportedly trying to take her bag, however they didn't succeed.  Naomi, put up a fight and was able to keep her belongings.  More than likely, that's how she got hurt, but you know what they say "No pain, no gain".  Thankfully, the thief's didn't have weapons or didn't use them if they did.

At least for now Naomi's not speaking of the ordeal, telling the New York Post only that she's fine and that she doesn't talk to the media. Word has it that she has beefed up security around her.  Paris police are investigating the incident.