The last week of September is National Older Workers Week and an opportunity to recognize seniors for the vital role they play in today's workforce.

Barbara Disnuke of Experience Works
Barbara Disnuke of Experience Works

Barbara Disnuke ( Employment Training Coordinator) of Experience Works (formerly Green Thumb) is spreading the word that September 21st-27th is National Older Workers Week.  Now more than ever, seniors are remaining on the job longer, retiring later and playing a vital role in America's workforce.

Experience Works is an organization that provides on-the-job training skills to unemployed seniors, 55 or older with limited financial resources.  Their goal is to improve the lives of older people through not only training, but employment and community service.  This organization started off as a rural demonstration program and has been in existence since 1965, helping to employ millions or older workers.

Today Experience Works is the nations leading provider of training and employing America's older workers.  Mrs. Disnuke and her organization encourage forward-thinking employers to develop strategies that both, attract and keep older workers.  If you are unemployed and 55 or older, Experience Works can help you get back into the workforce and equip you with the current job skills employers are looking for.

To learn more, contact Mrs. Disnuke at 337-433-4243 or e-mail her at  The Experience Works office is located at 715 Ryan Street in suite 105A here in Lake Charles.

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