San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker has filed a lawsuit against W.i.P. over serious eye injuries he sustained during the bottle throwing brawl between Chris Brown and Drake.  The fight left at least six patrons wounded, members of both artists’ entourages, Chris Brown and Tony Parker.


According to, Tony filed a whopping $20 million lawsuit against the club on Thursday June 21st claiming that the New York nightspots security was negligent in preventing the fight and allowing both artists into the club at the same time, knowing the two had a well publicized beef over Rihanna.  By the way, his lawyer told that both Chris Brown and Drake could end up as defendants in the lawsuit as well, depending on the outcome of the New York Police Department’s investigation into the incident.

As previously reported, Tony suffered lacerations to his cornea when he was struck by shards of glass, from bottles being thrown by members of both artists’ entourage.  The NBA superstar was supposed to play with France during the Summer Olympics, but he now needs an extra week to heal from his injuries and must wear a special contact lens as the wound heals.

At press time Parker explained, “I’ll be missing the start of the French team because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take drops.”  Also as previously reported W.I.P. and another nightspot called the Greenhouse have been shut down indefinitely by the New York Civil Enforcement Unit for several violations.  On top of that, the New York city council has been holding special meetings as a result of the fight and is looking to rule out bottle service at any club completely to avoid any future incidents.

Speaking of which, leading the pack is Jay-Z who's new 40/40 Club in the Brooklyn Nets’ new arena will not be offering bottle service.

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