To my surprise I was on Facebook and came across a picture that said one of my favorite restaurants had closed. I am talking about Mcalister's. I looked closer at the sign and saw that they had been in the area for 11 years serving our community and providing jobs for plenty of local citizens here in the area.

So the question I ask is why did Mcalisters close and did it really have to? On the sign there was a disclaimer that it was due to the high rent/ lease on the property. Maybe I am just old school, but I believe in the old grandfathered in clause where regardless of how things change around. You don't change things to drastically for those who were there from the beginning. Now I do not know a lot about properties and the bottom line, but I do feel like a place like this should have been able to make it. Now over the years there have been several new businesses who also provide salads and sandwiches, but I believe they could have made it.

This is sad when you really think about it. It seems that the more the city is growing, the more the well known businesses are closing. We have lost Whataburger, Krystal Burgers, Shoney's and countless other businesses that seemed to always be packed on any given day. I feel for the establishment, but more so for the loyal employees who are without a job today because of it. If a well known and established franchise like Mcalisters can close, what about the local eateries and mom and pop businesses. This was one of my favorite spots when I wanted a great baked potato or wanted to watch what I was eating as there were a variety of things from wraps to salads. Thanks for the great memories and the great food.

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