It seems these days that all artist say the same thing, but apparently singer Ne-Yo feels like he knows whats been missing lately.


Good news, Ne-Yo fans: the chart-topping R&B singer says his upcoming fifth studio album will be “full of real music.”

You might think that much would be obvious, but he’s actually being serious. He elaborated during a recent VH1 appearance, lamenting the current state of the genre and saying, “R&B needs to make a comeback. [We need] songs that evoke emotions. That song that reminds you of that really great relationship, or that crappy relationship or everything that happened in between.”

Ne-Yo’s been out talking about the upcoming album, currently titled ‘Love and Passion,’ since early this year, when he announced he was prepping it for a September release. No official street date has been announced.

via Ne-Yo Says New Album Will Feature ‘Real Music,’ Bemoans Current State of R&B [VIDEO] - TSM Interactive.

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