You wake up with him weekday mornings as he is apart of the number one radio show in the land The Steve Harvey Morning Show. He has also been to Lake Charles on several occasions with stand up shows and a play that he recently had a part of.

Well next month get ready for him to take the lead in movie producers Will Packers new television series on The Own Network called "Ready To Love". The show will feature black men and women in the 30's and 40's looking for love and displaying what they are looking for.

The show will have a two night premiere on October 23rd and October 27th at 9 pm central. The show will air for the rest of the season on Saturday nights at 9 pm central. Everyone knows that Tommy is the king of prank phone calls, but he is a great actor who has taken his career to the next level and has also worked with Will Packer on previous projects in the past.

We'll look to be speaking with him soon about the show and also give you more information as it becomes available. Will you be watching?

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