I saw the trailer for this new show on the OWN network called "Released". It's executive produced by Shaka Senghor , who actually served 19 years for a murder he committed in 1991. I have never heard his story before, but he is also an author of the book "Writing My Wrongs".

The show follows the lives of several newly-released individuals as they try to come back to some type of normal life. They show parents trying to reconnect with their kids who they might not have seen since toddlers, and others who are trying their best to get back in the world to work. The show was loosely based off of the experiences of Shaka Senghor after his books passed the hands of Oprah Winfrey. He stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his stint in jail, and how he linked up with Oprah.

Check out this trailer featuring one of the stories with Kevin. The episode that I saw was when he reconnected with his son and tries to have a relationship with his other kids as well.

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