Beyonce will showcase the inspiration, emotion and work that went into creating her last album,
The Lion King: The Gift. According to 
AllHipHop Mrs. Carter will take over the ABC Network tonight with a special presentation of the LP airing at 9pm CT. Queen Bey always goes the extra mile, striving for excellence in everything she does. However the making of the film, awakened to a deeper sense of self in the iconic songstress that led her to The Motherland where
The Lion King story began...Africa

For the album to be authentic she took the humbling journey in search of the continents amazing voices. The documentary reveals the gift is in the music and the special message of every track on the album. Gather the family and watch the ABC special,

Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images
Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

, airing tonight at 9 p.m. CT. Check your local listing for the channel.

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