While I don't have this issue as much as my wife. There are times when I shoot a text or call to my son to no avail. Of course the parent in you wants to get upset and ring his neck, but I chill and wait for a return call. Well this young lady recently appeared on The Steve Harvey Show and she might have a winners.

How about if you reach out to your child and they ignore you for whatever reason and you need them to reach out to you. Well this new app is going to get you the attention that you need and actually works to keep your kids safe while keeping you in contact with them.

Do you have teenagers that don't answer your phone calls.... we've got an app for that!! Check this out.

Posted by Steve Harvey TV on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

While it's creative that she was able to create something like this. Only a mother who loves their child would take to doing something like this. I can only imagine what her kids did the very first time their phone locked up and they didn't know what it was. However it is good that they are able to call the police just in case their caught up in some trouble.

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