Another tell all book is about to hit book shelves everywhere on Black Friday.  Written and self published by rapper/author Jara Everett, this steamy new book is guaranteed to give up all the goods of some of Hollywood, sports and musics most famous men.

Is she trying to destroy someone's life?  No, Jara claims she wrote this book for other women to learn about themselves through stories.  Jara added, "So many women are 'jumpoffs' whether intentional or not; but now they can see themselves where they are right now and take control of where they are going!"

On top of that, Jara is a rapper and is dropping the books theme anthem "JumpOff" simultaneously with it's release on Black Friday.  The single will be available on iTunes.  In the meantime, get more details on her new book, including who she claims to have slept with in Tha Wire below.

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In other news, Bobby Brown just can't seem to stay out of trouble.  For some reason he's been a repeat offender for most of his music career.  In and out of trouble for years and years as if he can't seem to stop himself.  Earlier this year, he caught a DUI charge after being stopped for driving erratically.  Even more recently and still on probation from the first charge (this year)  he caught another DUI charge.  Recently, he was in court and offered his plea and he may be looking at jail time before it's all said and done.

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In even more news, everybody is talking about the 40th American Music Awards that aired Sunday night.  It was a good show from beginning to end, but it's the end that's got everybody talking. My man Psy took it to tha house and brought out Mr. To Legit To Quit, MC Hammer.  Here's a look at the performance.

Find out who the big winners were, plus get the scoop on how Nicki Minaj out shined her rap counterparts.  It's all here with Tha Wire.  Press play now: