Today in Tha Wire some of the biggest music stars in the world are teaming up to curate a brand new vinyl record subscription service.  This has gotta be music to the ears of DJ's everywhere trying to add some extra wax to their crates, music lovers who long for the snap-crackle-pop of back in the day, or avid music collectors.

According to reports artists like George Clinton, Elton John, Talib Kweli, Quincy Jones and more, are all signed on to oversee the new service called, Experience Vinyl.  Those who subscribe to service will be sent their chosen artist-curator’s favourite albums, a personalised commentary, and a list of their ten favourite albums.

A portion of the $30 a month subscribers pay will be directed to their chosen artist’s charity of choice, with Elton’s profits funding his AIDS Foundation.

Sitting down with Billboard, Brad Hammonds, Experience Vinyl’s founder explained why he wanted to start the service saying,

 “Growing up a vinyl fanatic, I’ve had the desire to create a record club for the better part of my adult life,” he continued. “Experience Vinyl is a different kind of subscription service and a dream for any vinyl lover.”

Hammonds added, “Who better to send you great music each month than artists themselves? It’s an honour to work with some of the greatest musicians of all time, and we’re excited to share their personal and meaningful picks with all of you.”

Speaking of different, members get to donate to their favorite music artists charity.  The way it works, a portion of the $30 subscription will be directly paid to their chosen artists charity.  For example Elton's profits will go the his AIDS Foundation.  It's really cool.

Plus members will get to enjoy other perks like; invites to special concerts and be entered into draws for special trips. Get a personalised commentary, and a list of their top-ten favourite albums.  By the way the service will launch sometime in April and members will their new vinyl albums directly the their door.

Well...get those old record players out, dust of the needle, because vinyl is getting ready to make a big comeback!  That's the scoop.  Tune in every weekday and listen to Tha Wire on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

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