Nicki Minaj has found herself in some legal trouble. On Tuesday (May 1), the folks at TMZ reported that a man named Isiah Simon is suing the rapper over an "inverted heart" T-Shirt design he says he copyrighted back on Valentine's Day in 2015.

According to the celeb news site, Simon says Nicki and her label Universal Music Group stole the design for his "I Love Venice Beach" merch. In a side by side photo the site posted, we can see that Nicki's "I Love Nicki" shirt bears a striking resemblance to Simon's "I Love Venice" shirt. Both of the "inverted heart" designs resemble a pair of breasts.

Simon wants the UMG site selling the Nicki merch to be taken down, and he's suing Nicki to stop further sales of the gear. He also plans to block the profits Nicki and the label have gotten and stand to get in the future. Nicki has yet to comment on this matter.

In related news, the Young Money superstar is now just a couple weeks removed from the release of her two comeback singles, "Chun Li" and "Barbie Tingz." "Chun Li" has since made its way into the Billboard Hot 100's top 10. Continuing her resurgence, Nicki teased U.S. tour dates a couple weeks back.

"US first," Nicki wrote in a tweet. "Then ALL AROUND THE WORLD. BUT THERE’S another surprise you won’t know. Bwahaaahahaaaaaa," she tweeted. "The ones at the tour will be elevated to Team Minaj ELITE. Yes, I’m leaning towards M&G’s. Only cuz my babies been so patient. But pls don’t hold me to it. Love, #ChunLi."

Here's to hoping Nicki can settle her new legal battle before she drops her new album.

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