Today in Tha Wire, Houston's ABC-13 ,reports rapper Z-RO will face no charges for an alleged brutal attack on his ex-girlfriend. As previously reported , raptress Just Brittany claimed she was badly beaten by the H-Town star back in April. Brittany reported the alleged assault to the Harris County Police, but waited until July to do so. The newly-signed reality star brought an audio recording of the alleged assault to prove it happened. Authorities evidently believed what they heard was significant enough to pick the Houston legend up.

As result, Z-Ro, whose real name is Joseph McVey, was arrested within a day or two of Brittany's complaint and charged with aggravated felony assault. Brittany later addressed the situation, via her legal team on Facebook. Below are more details from the initial arrest, and circumstances surrounding the case.

According to ABC court docs from the case, the rapper allegedly slapped, punched, choked and dragged his ex around his house. While the alleged abuse took place, he reportedly had a pistol in his hand. Brittany claimed the abuse went on so long, she got sick to her stomach. At some point, she went to the bathroom. While inside, she pressed record on her phone. The fight, by the way, was supposedly over canceled dinner plans.

Listen to her account of the violent encounter, and hear what she had to say about the recording. Plus, find out why she didn't just call the police. Brittany explains the ordeal below, in a recent interview with TMZ.

Fast forward to this week, when Z-RO appeared in court to answer to the felony charges on Tuesday, October 10. He wound up walking with no charges at all. The grand jury ruled Brittany's case didn't have sufficient evidence. TMZ reports they found too many inconsistencies between Brittany's alleged audio tape, and her written statement to police. Basically, the charges were dropped, and Z-Ro is a free man. Peep the video below for more details.

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