The NYPD was preparing to arrest rapper Quavo of rap group Migos, but not so fast says his lawyer. The "Stir Fry" rapper was accused of assaulting a celebrity jeweler inside 1 OAK nightclub in NYC following the Grammy Awards back in January, but it looks as if he's is in the clear of any wrongdoing.

According to TMZ, surveillance video shows that Quavo did not touch the alleged victim. His lawyer Drew Findling told the news site, "he did not come within 2 feet of Eric the Jeweler". There was an altercation, but not involving Quavo.

Eric claims his $30k chain was stolen after he was jumped by 2 men, one allegedly being Quavo. Findling also cited, you can see Eric walking in the club with his chain, and leaving the club with it around his neck.

Looks as if Eric the Jeweler was trying to make a quick come up, maybe? Not to mention, why would Quavo want to steal a $30k chain when he wears millions worth of jewelry? Check back for more.


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