Let Chrissy tell it...it's been a long time coming.  I've got to say, I'm soooooo happy for them.  I think that they make a really good couple. Just is case you missed it or haven't been watching VH1's Love & Hip-Hop, let me bring you up to speed.  Chrissy, Jim's girlfriend since 2004, proposed to him last season on the show.  Unfortunately, it didn't go the way she had planned.  Chrissy had set up a private party and invited all their family and friends. Then she surprised everyone when she proposed to Jim.  However, Jim's mama evidently doesn't like surprises and went absolutely crazy after Chrissy proposed to him, supposedly because Chrissy didn't tell her what she was gonna do first.



Ever since then Chrissy's been waiting on her ring, but never got it. In the meanwhile, Jim's mama made a diss record about Chrissy and made it clear she didn't want the two of them to get married much less stay together. The two women had been knocking heads ever since really. Chrissy wanted to get married then have kids, while Jim's mama felt she didn't need to be married to have kids. It was a mess. While of this was going on, Chrissy was feeling more and more like she was gonna just have to move on. She grew tired of waiting for Jim to step up.

Well, that's all behind them now. Chrissy and Mama Jones have made up and Jimmy has stepped up! Watch his shocking proposal!

You go Boy!!!!!!!! Congratulations ya'll!!!!

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